Moving Parts and Buildings

Moving Parts and Buildings

Moving Parts and Buildings

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Wood, acrylic, reels, cardboard, architectural samples, elastic and rubber are some of the materials provided for exploration of constructing buildings, bridges, catapults and rotors.

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Moving Parts and Building

Build gravity defying structures to test height and weight limits of the materials. We'll provide you with ideal materials for construction, creating pulley systems and basic rotors; such as cardboard, acrylic sheets, reels, timber scraps, elastic and rubber. Experiment with different materials to find out what makes a solid foundation or follow the examples on the instruction sheet to make moving components.

Curriculum Recommendations:

Queensland CurriculumPrep to Y6: Design & Technology
Y5 & Y6: Visual Arts
Y11 & Y12: Visual Arts in Practice
Early Years Learning FrameworkOutcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

Educators who ordered this box made:

  • Cardboard cities and little worlds

  • Pinball games and marble mazes

  • Automata mechanisms and toys

  • Prototypes for 3D printing

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