Sound Waves and Musical Magic - Maxi pack

Sound Waves and Musical Magic - Maxi pack

Sound Waves and Musical Magic - Maxi pack

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A range of materials to encourage exploration of making sounds, varying pitch and rhythm while making drums, string, shakers, percussion and wind instruments. Makes 2 each for 100 kids.

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Sound Waves and Musical Magic

Metals, wood, plastic, elastic, leather, rubber and stone are included in the box to encourage participants to explore ways to produce sounds, rhythm patterns and pitch. By manipulating the materials participants can make and personalise drums, triangles, string and wind instruments.

Curriculum Recommendations:

Australian CurriculumPrep to Y4: Physical & Chemical Sciences
Queensland CurriculumPrep to Y2: Music
Early Years Learning FrameworkOutcome 4: Children are confident and informed learners

Educators who ordered this box made:

  • Drums and other percussion instruments

  • Guitars and other string instruments

  • Flutes and other wind instruments

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