2021 Community Art Project

RGQ's 2021 Community Art Project will bring together local community creatives to help us artistically green the facade of our renovated workshop facilities at 7 Burke Street, Woolloongabba

Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd (RGQ) will be endeavouring on one of its most ambitious Community Art Projects to date.

The project involves 6 panels, each roughly the size of a 10 seater dining table, which will be affixed to the facade of it’s newly renovated Eco Art Workshop facilities. The purpose of the panels is to create aesthetic appeal while also serving as a natural form of insulation to an otherwise corrugated iron industrial shed.

“The project is about demonstrating what is possible”, explained Mei Tuicolo, Project Coordinator and RGQ spokesperson.

“We specialise in repurposing industrial discards for practical and artistic purposes. This project brings both of those elements together by demonstrating how art can be multi-purpose – functional and thought provoking”, she added.

The Project will bring together local community creatives - Hannah Munster, Dee Handyside, Catherine Conaty, Darin Bendall and Michael Vagg – to infill the panels, using durable salvaged materials, to provide an artistic climbing structure for a shading vine.

The Big Reveal of the completed Community Art Project will coincide with  Planet Ark’s National  Recycling Week ; and be held on Wednesday the 10 th  of November at RGQ’s Workshops Shed, 7 Burke Street, Woolloongabba.


Ideally each piece will speak to the theme of World Environment Day 2021, which is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. For us, we want to explore what this theme can mean for RGQ – an inner-city business based in an industrial pocket of Woolloongabba – and how we can use art as a medium to functionally improve or limit our environmental impact of this space.

Each successful Eco Creative will receive $1000 to go towards materials/construction with the Big Reveal to take place during National Recycling Week.

Background to  Ecosystem Restoration

For the  United Nations Environment Programme , “ Ecosystem Restoration  can take many forms: growing trees, greening cities, re-wilding gardens, changing diets or cleaning up rivers and coasts”.

Please email us for all media enquiries. Otherwise you can download our Press Release here.

Meet our Contributing Artists


Hannah Munster

My name is Hannah Munster and I am a children’s book illustrator and designer based in Brisbane.

Through art, I like to show how using materials we have available and repurposing them gives new meaning and excitement to its functionality.

Catherine Conaty

Catherine Conaty is a mosaic artist and educator who has been creating mosaics for 25 years.

Catherine loves the limitless potential that mosaic offers as an art form, while being sustainable and permanent, as virtually nothing is wasted in the process.

Darin Bendall

I’m an artist and animator from a small town in Oklahoma, USA who grew up on skateboarding, punk rock and a bedrock DIY ethos.

Every object has a story to tell - I can’t wait to see what you make with the things you find here!!

Dee Handyside

I have been a singer/songwriter since the age of 3 and firmly believe that ‘Music should never die’.

I up-cycle anything to do with music that is broken, unloved or unwanted- many of which are donations or purchased from Op Shops.


Michael Vagg

Michael works primarily with timber, metal and consumer plastics sourced entirely from waste and “recycling” streams.


Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate in Woolloongabba - the Yuggera and Turrbul people. RGQ recognise their continuing sovereignty and connection to land and water, and pays respect to elders past and present.

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