Mail Order Frequently Asked Questions


What age groups are your boxes most suitable for?

We understand that skill levels is most commonly determined by age and have supplied a suggested age bracket to boxes that require particular skill levels to achieve most tasks independently. When packaging orders we can adjust boxes to suit different ages.


Can I choose what items go into my box?

We do mail small and large packages for those who would like a particular item but cannot get to our warehouse. These items are priced according to the volume required (plus shipping and handling). Offcuts of leather, sheepskin and film canisters, are popular items we send by mail. Please contact us to check for availability for pricing.


Can I choose what colours or shapes go in my box?

We are more than happy to customise a box to suit your requirements. Just let us know your plan for using the materials and we can do a customised version of any of our boxes.


Will I get the same materials every time I order?

No, as the available materials at our warehouse are constantly changing. We always have similar materials in stock and can substitute where needed for all of our themed activity boxes.

 If you want to make sure we include a material you have had before, please let us know.


Will I get materials I don't want?

All of our boxes are packed full and we make special effort to ensure the selection of materials you receive remain good value. We may pack some light materials to ensure your box is full. These materials are of no less quality, they just weigh less (we price most of our materials by weight as they are commonly offcuts of different shapes, sizes and lengths). 

Due to feedback on the volume of materials we have reduced the size of our Marvellous Masks and Salvaged Jewellery boxes to focus on including more higher value small items.


Can I pick up my order from RGQ warehouse?

Yes. If you would like to find out how much you can save by picking up the order, just ask.



We accept purchase orders and offer invoicing with 21 day payment terms for schools and businesses. All other orders can be paid for in store via direct debit or credit card over the phone.


Refunds and Returns

In accordance with Consumer Law in Queensland and Australia, we are required to provide you with a refund or replacement if the items you order:

  • have a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it

  • are unsafe

  • are significantly different from the description we provide

  • don't do what we said they would, or what you asked for and can't be easily fixed

We generally do not offer a refund or replacement for Mail Orders because you have changed your mind.  Given that our materials are all salvaged from the waste stream and can vary significantly from order to order as a result, please get in touch with our Mail Order Co-ordinator prior to ordering if you are unfamiliar with the kinds of materials we typically include in our boxes.

If you wish to return an order (bearing the above in mind), please contact our Mail Order Co-ordinator via 
email   prior to doing so.