Meet Barbara, our Autumn Eco Artisan in Focus

Barbara has been a consigned artist to the  Reverse Emporium  since early 2021, bringing her beautifully constructed jewellery to our eclectic collection of gifts.

Under the label,  Inya Ears , Barbara salvages vintage tins and preloved pewter ornaments to repurpose into truly unique pieces.

 As our Autumn Artist in Focus, we asked Barbara a series of  questions to get more insight into her creative process.

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Community notice re: Warehouse damage and temporary closure

14/03/2023 00:44:04 In Community Announcements
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Detailed information on what happened when our warehouse was damaged in November 2022 and what's next for Reverse Garbage Queensland.

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4 practical ways to repurpose Corflute (plastic flute boards) for the home and garden.

Emporium Artist in Focus: Barbara Radcliffe

29/03/2022 01:39:09 In Artisan in Focus
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Vintage tins and pewter salvaged and repurposed into beautiful statement jewellery

Emporium Artist in Focus: Robert Weismantel

18/11/2021 01:54:02 In Artisan in Focus
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Timber off-cuts salvaged into pens and quality homeware

What can and can't be recycled by kerbside collection

26/08/2021 06:15:08 In This Month's Not J*nk Mail
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Build your own Dragon

29/03/2022 23:59:23 In On-line Reuse Library
dragon, diy, kids craft, kids art, online learning, art workshops, kids activities, craft, eco craft, kids workshops
Anne shows you how to creatively reuse bits and bobs salvaged from landfill to build a beautifully unique dragon

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