Sustainability Education

RGQ designs eco-art workshops that explore the properties of salvaged materials, which are collected and curated for the purpose of creative reuse. Our program caters for children from pre-Kindy up to Year 12, covering themes that align with the  QCAA  and the  Australian Curriculum areas of Sciences, Technologies, the Arts, English and HASS.

Our Workshops Catalogue for Schools

Early Year Learning

Sustainability workshops for pre-Kindy to Kindy aged children

Prep - year 3

Build on skills acquired in the early stages of learning. Learn to efficiently manipulate materials with an emphasis on 3D forms.

year 4 - year 6

Enable critical thinking, problem solving and experimentation through the creative reuse of clean industrial materials.

year 7 - year 10

Gain the knowledge on non-traditional construction techniques and the constructive manipulation of salvaged waste.

year 11 & 12

Senior program focuses on addressing the Essential Learnings in Visual Art, incorporating concepts around sustainable design and waste minimisation.

oSCH & Vacation Care

A curated list of themes suitable for a variety of age levels and abilities.

Our facilitators carry Blue Cards and are vaccinated against COVID-19. They have experience working with children and adults in different art and craft skills. Thy are trained in alternative construction methods, safety and classroom management.

Our school holiday eco-art program offers children a break from the school routine but not from fun and learning! 

Designed for children aged 4 to 12, our themed workshops combine art and environmental learning, while encouraging creativity with salvaged materials.

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Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate in Woolloongabba - the Yuggera and Turrbul people. RGQ recognises their continuing sovereignty and connection to land and water, and pays respect to elders past and present.

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