Year 4 to Year 6


Sustainability workshops for Primary-aged children

 RGQ designs eco-art workshops that explore the properties of salvaged materials, which are collected and curated for the purpose of creative reuse.
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Lunch Boxes (insulated containers)

Students will have the opportunity to test an array of materials so to determine their suitability to perform a specific task such as rigidity, stability, shock absorbency or insulating properties.

We'll guide your class through our techniques for creating hinges, latches or springs using non-traditional materials.

This workshop is a great opportunity for young children to become familiar with creating 3D objects from an illustrated concept, while drawing on their 2D collage skills.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

Purpose-built sleeves and cases for devices

Lunch boxes

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Marble Run (Group) - Rube Golberg

In this workshop, based on Rube Golberg principles, children will work together to build a functional marble run or pinball game.

Through the exploration of our salvaged materials, this popular workshop will get students thinking outside the box, having to design and build a unique game that can incorporate principles of maths, physics as well as picking up some RGQ tips on how to manipulate our non-traditional materials for the purpose of joinery and basic construction.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Pin ball games

  • Marble runs

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Robots & Space Explorers

Our Robots and Space Explorers workshops are more than just out-of-the-box thinking. We’ll help turn 2D concepts into 3D mini prototypes of your students’ most out-of-this-world ideas!

Children will learn about the properties of our warehouse materials, both natural and processed. They will learn about what we collect, why we collect it and why certain materials are classified as non-recyclable but salvageable.

We’ll explore the shapes and properties of our salvaged objects to see how the combination of different materials can result in a mechanical process, for example, transforming bottle tops into wheels for a moon buggy, or using shiny materials to line a satellite dish for mirrored surfaces that bounce light and vision. 

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Robots & Aliens / Spaceships & rockets

  • Moon buggies & Telescopes

  • Solar Systems

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Push-Pull Toys

Explore the ways our eclectic mix of materials can be transformed into workable and waterproof toys that can float on water or sail through the sky.
In this fact-finding workshop, your students will be able to manipulate our clean industrial discards to create functional toys, designed to playfully engage them in the principle of Force, specifically transferring energy from one object to another through direct or indirect contact.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Wind propelled boats

  • Kites

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Wearable Art

Students can utilise various techniques of stapling, glueing, threading and even simple sewing to realise their wearable art piece. Skirts, hats, belts, goggles and masks are just a few ideas in this theme. These workshops draw on the rich symbolism associated with wearable art throughout history and cultures, such as identity, the subconscious, ceremony and celebration.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Creative costumes

  • Headpieces

  • Masks

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Musical Instruments

This is a very tactile and sensory experience for students, as well as a great introduction to 3D design and construction. Students can explore the different ways to produce sounds by manipulating and using a combination of salvaged materials. With simple assemblage techniques, we'll help students explore how to produce pitch and rhythm patterns from their handmade instruments.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Percussion and string instruments

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Mythical Beasts

Students have the opportunity to select an array of our salvaged materials to create a figure from their favourite literary text, the animal kingdom or straight from their imagination. This enriching workshop engages students by using alternative construction methods, employing a variety of unconventional materials to create their own 3D creature. We can work with a traditional theme or piece of literature, otherwise we can customise a theme to your classroom.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

  • Monsters and magical beasts

  • Dragon from Kumiko and the Dragon as a part of Book Week

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Mini Beasts, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

Students can create invertebrates, arthropods or crustaceans while learning about their critter's form and segments. This is a great opportunity for younger children to practice their cutting and stapling skills; and older students to explore the properties of our salvaged materials to select the best materials to replicate key parts of a creature's anatomy such as legs, wings or eyes.

Educators who chose this workshop made:

Anatomically accurate arthropods and invertebrates

Australian native creaturesMammals
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