Do you have waste that's too good to waste? 

GET IN TOUCH FIRST!  This is really important as we can’t take everything (see the list below) and sometimes we just don’t have room for things.

Include information about the size, number, and condition of your items.  We love good quality photos too!  In some cases we’ll have to organise a time to inspect the items up close. 

If you have things that you would like to bring to us, you can use the button below to fill out a web form, or send an email to:

Drop off donations form

Whilst we love it when people bring their items to us, we realise that can't always happen.  Click the button below if you have items that require a visit from our truck driver.

You can also send an email to, but make sure you include all of the details described above to help make the process more efficient at our end.

Truck Collections Enquiry Form

We aim to respond to donation enquiries in five business days, though sometimes it can take a little longer if we’re really busy.


Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate in Woolloongabba - the Yuggera and Turrbul people. RGQ recognises their continuing sovereignty and connection to land and water, and pays respect to elders past and present.

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