Redesign it, fix it, make it better!

Here's a project to engage older students in sustainable design and repair by giving them a challenge to make or fix something using salvaged waste materials.

Ask students to identify something in the school or home environment that needs to be fixed or improved, or a problem that could be solved using waste materials. You may wish to set criteria such as keeping it small-scale and ensuring it's safe to attempt.

Provide a range of useful clean discards such as offcuts of timber and fibres, plastics, foam pieces, scrap metal, rubber discs, cardboard, wire and string that they must limit themselves to using for this project

If necessary, advise students to supplement their materials by collecting more “rubbish” from school or home. Identify sources of useful materials in post-consumer waste like packaging and containers.

Guide students through drafting, designing, and creating their sustainable solution to a practical problem.

Finish up with a showcase of your students' sustainable designs!